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due to high school, this blog is under a strange kind of semi-hiatus. ask for skype if needed!

read all the pages before interaction. thank you!!

From this moment on… I am sad to say that this blog is on hiatus until June.
Of course, I will be back maybe one day in a week to tell you how am I doing and how’s everything going here, but it won’t be for much time. But this doesn’t matters!
Final Heart was announced earlier this week and it was created to show all of you my affection and love.
This will be a message that will take a long time to write / read, so I am asking you all to do it when you’re feeling down or something. I want the people I care about and all of my beloved followers to read everytime they’re down while I am gone.
In this Final Heart, I will also mention people I have met in bellaveur. So if some are from Final Fantasy and all that… it’s because they’re from there.
Alright… not it’s time for that Final Heart!


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                         ( m e s s a g e )


This message is for the rest of my followers. ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS.
If you are reading this or if this appears in your dashboard,
        this means you are in this part of the list.
So, since you are so many and you still stay around with me being a jark and silly all the time, instead of really writing a message, I am going to speak directly to you.

                         ( l i s t e n )

  1. chasteheart said: man oh man kelly, this was so sweet of you. I hope the hiatus does some good-I’ll be waiting for you
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  3. alteringmemories said: ooc] that was the sweetest message ever, you’re such a lovely, sweet, caring girl. I’ll miss you so much! See you when you get back! Ps. You really ARE like a real life Kairi♡
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  5. saltysunsets said: //I didn’t really interact with you that much, but I’m sad to see you go. I’m not very good with goodbyes, so I’ll just say this. I hope to see you again
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  8. lazuliss said: // Aww ilu2. Those messages were so sweet <3 Take care!
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